Been a bit slack on updating this website and sorry for that.

Been a bit busy around the traps and house etc. I did manage to delve into my archives of coaching articles and thoughts I had written down and came up with an interesting article that appeared around the turn of the century about light conditions.

Well, my little brain worked overtime on this and how we could put this to use in our modern society and modern equipment available to us in this century.

Hail the mobile phone, I-pad, Tablet, Android or what ever you have.

Well in discussions with fellow shooters, they needed some sort of edge to shoot that extra 10 in a match. Some people are going with the old fashioned method of dry fire and a constructive training program, others are trying to fast track with quick fix methods and gimmicks, well here it is, the answer to our problems...............a phone AP for the light!

Yes, a good old fashioned "Light Meter". Available as a free AP, these will be beneficial to all shooters being able to judge when the correct lighting is available to "shoot a TEN". People in the old days of photography will remember we had hand held light meters, well now it's on your phone.

This could be a revolutionary break through!