What a great start to the year. Stinking hot in the West, Storms in Qld, Winter in the big V and Storms in Sydney.

The WA State Team is in full swing after the celebrations of Christmas and New Year and we wish them good shooting at the Nationals in South Australia. Some of us will be driving over and will bring some extension cords for power. The last person that left Adelaide didn't turn off the power and now the batteries are dead.

Been busy doing other projects so an up-date of coaching tips is in order. Whilst sitting on my backside on a motorcycle recently doing a long trip I wondered what information I could give out which is pretty old hat to our older readers but not so for our newer shooters.

I have done the sighting and trigger control bit to death, but a different "angle" on sighting might be the go.

Read the article on "Where do you Aim?"

And thanks to all our readers who liked the article on a "light metre" app for their phone. Next month we discuss Gluten Free Black Powder fillers.