Its Been Awhile!

Yes, with all the happenings of 2013, it was time for a break and no additions to this site for some time. I know you are all hanging out for the latest and greatest goss and tips so guess what? There is nothing new in pistol shooting!

Still the same stuff keeps coming up. Watch the sights, press whilst getting sights aligned, follow through..........

Some of the older people might like to freshen up on previous articles such as Sighting and Trigger Control or Shot Release. You may note the slightly larger font size and more readable font.

We were able though to attain the services of the High Performance Coach from AISL for 2 days here in WA. Read about it on the HP Coaching Days page.

Also read the articles on Tension and Dry Fire.

As the team prepares to pack for the Nationals most are busy at the range training their little hearts out to bring back some silverware to WA.

We wish all the team good shooting and a safe trip. Remember to keep the plane headed East, or if you're returning to WA, heading West!

Any clubs wishing to hold coaching sessions during 2014,
please contact the State Coaching Council and set some dates up.