SCATT Findings No 2

One of the oddities that has arisen from checking SCATT files is the position of the shot hole to the intersection of the RED and BLUE lines. We know the Blue line is generally set at .250m/s before the shot and the Red line is the follow through. With the Coefficient set at around 12, the shot hole appears after the moment the shot firing has been registered by the SCATT sensors. This would indicate that the trigger has been harshly operated and the barrel is moving in a faster manner than before in the holding/sighting stages.
This graph shows again the harsh trigger movement with the sudden changes in direction highlighted with Numbers 1, & 2. Number 3 shows the shot hole again appearing after the junction of the Red and Blue lines. It can be seen that the Yellow line, just before it changes to Blue, has started an upward movement. This shows the beginnings of the rapid trigger movement by its sudden countering in a downward movement once it changes to Blue in number 1 and the sudden back and forth movement in number 2. Follow through is maintained somewhat but we suggest this would be due to a strong holding ability rather than skill.
The same situation has occurred here with a greater amount of movement which shows the shot hole significantly past the point of execution indicated with the intersection of the Blue and Red lines. Number 1 shows the transition from Yellow to Blue. Follow the yellow line back and you notice its direction changes moving from the number “8" towards the centre of the target. It would be reasonably assumed the hand eye coordination has seen this movement and countered with the sudden movement back to the left once the Blue line indicator has started. This in turn has started a hurried movement in sighting and trigger movement hence the amount of over travel of the shot hole. Also, indications show follow through to have “sharp” edges which show rapid movement.

Finalgraph does show the Yellow and Blue lines intersection in number 1, but still shows rapid change in direction left, then right and sudden stop, then slightly upward to fire the shot. A slightly better execution but still has the markings of trigger press being very rough and sudden. We are endeavouring to achieve the same flowing movements as seen in the build up as in the Green lines and continue these movements until the shot is fired and indeed after the shot into follow through.