Pistol is raised slightly above target, first stage of the trigger is taken up with rough alignment of the sights being done. Pistol is lowered into area under the black where the sights stop in your area of hold. Focus on the front sight is increased allowing sights to "move" in your area of hold/aim whilst applying progressive, smooth trigger pressure until shot is fired. After shot is fired, maintain sight focus and trigger pressure into follow through. Video Here

Trigger Set-up

Video shows the trigger on an air pistol. What is desired here is a crisp trigger. We have a first stage or slack before the main pressure is taken up. As pressure is applied, there is no "creep" but a constant pressure until shot release. Once shot release has occurred, the trigger immediately stops against the trigger stop so there is no "backlash". Any backlash after shot release will allow movement of the sights and cause shot displacement. It is most important that the shooter maintains pressure after the shot release to implement follow through. Video Here

Shot Sequence

Shot sequence shows the pistol being raised slightly above the target and a slight "pause". This pause is to take up trigger slack if not already taken up whist pistol was on the bench. Roughly align the sights with no real focus as yet on front sight. Pistol is lowered through the centre of the target into your area of aim. Focus is increased on the front sight. Whilst endeavouring to strive for perfect sight alignment, trigger pressure is increased at the same time until shot release. Maintaining focus on sights and trigger pressure into follow through. Video Here

Live Fire Recoil

When shooting live fire, a tell tale sign the shooter has a trigger fault or a lack of follow through, is that the recoil may differ from shot to shot. The shooter holds in an area under the black for example in his/her holding area of the 8 ring. Therefore as the pistol recoils, it is presumed that after recoil has finished, the area in which the sights appear to "stop" (at the end of recoil) would be in that same area size, the 8 ring and in the same direction for each shot, in this case, high left, being right handed.Video Here

Trigger Live Fire and Shot Sequence

Trigger approach is the same in air pistol/precision events. Pistol is raised to slightly above target taking up trigger first stage (slack) then holding pressure, roughly align sights. Lower pistol through the centre of the target increasing focus on sights as the pistols gets into your area of aim. Having established your area of aim, allow pistol to move in your area of hold and steadily increase trigger pressure whist maintaining focus on the front sight. Video Here