A lot of aspects make up an entire shot process, or do they? When we break down the requirements to fire a shot in precision, we come up with around 6 elements or fundamentals to follow to achieve an outcome of a good, controlled shot or series of shots. Grip, stance/position, breathing, sighting, trigger, follow through to name a few. You can throw in mental rehearsal (between shots), relaxation between shots, shot analysis/evaluation to mention another lot of processes. 

Individually they make up the components for the delivery of a shot but they do not actually give us the shot process. Attaining grip is part of setting up to fire a shot or string of shots as is stance/position. Breathing is an all day event, which cannot be overlooked! The breathing sequence may aide in the relaxation during shot evaluation and then it will change slightly to assist in the shot process. So two stages, or types of breathing would be happening during a shoot. One for the regular breathing between shots, and the one for the actual shot with the “pause” during shot firing.

The act of sighting, trigger control and follow through are probably the final stages of the actual shot process? 

So we have attained grip, established stance/position which needs to be comfortable and consistent throughout the entire series of shots. The shooter may be doing the mental rehearsal thing or relaxation with steady breathing as discussed elsewhere on this site. The shooter may choose to run through his/her mind the shot sequence (or process) sort of a “mental video” of the entire shot from the lifting of the pistol to the lowering after the shot is fired?

Ready to start a shot sequence/process, loaded pistol.......... 

1.       With pistol on the bench, the arm is straightened with wrist and elbow “locked” the front of the barrel should rest on the bench.

2.       Trigger first stage or “slack” taken up.

3.       Raise the pistol slightly above the target taking in a slightly deeper breath of air than normal.

4.       Hold the sights and trigger above the target to roughly align the sights, not yet focusing on front sight.

5.       Lower pistol through the centre of the target, breathing out until you reach that respiratory “pause” we talked about in breathing elsewhere.

6.       As sights reach the area of aim, trigger finger movement is initiated whilst stability and sight alignment is being strived for.

7.       During this stage, the trigger finger begins to press the trigger continuously to the directly to the rear, smoothly, until the shot breaks.

8.       The act of sighting and trigger press is continued into follow through, after the shot breaks.

A simple “Cue Card” may be necessary for the shooter to relate to before and after each shot? Should one of the shot process steps be missed or done incorrectly, it needs to be evaluated and reassessed.


1.      Raise pistol and see sights

2.      Lower pistol into area

3.      Settle and say “CUE” word - “SIGHTS”

4.      Focus in at sights and begin press

5.      Press whilst striving for sight alignment

6.      See sights through the shot

7.      Extend Follow through